Proxy. Rxproxy — free online proxy server

Rxproxy is a free web proxy server that allows you to browse any internet website securely and anonymously.
Rxproxy also allows you to significantly increase page loading speed on slow connections and save a lot of bandwidth.

Why use Rxproxy

  • Rxproxy is an easy to use web-proxy that allows you to browse anonymously and securely. HTTPS (SSL) is fully supported
  • Rxproxy compresses pages to save your bandwidth (gzip compression is used which is supported by all browsers)
  • Rxproxy removes most known ads from webpages you visit, thus saving even more bandwidth!
  • Rxproxy is tuned for maximum speed and security
  • Rxproxy is a perfect anonymizer; it completely hides your online identity like IP address (, operating system and browser versions, and so on
  • Rxproxy allows you to access any blocked or banned site, including those restricted by your network administrator or ISP. All HTTPS sites are supported; all non-standard ports are supported!
  • Rxproxy supports cPanel. To access a cPanel host, enter your hostname and add :2082. Example:
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