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Are you trying to unblock Youtube or Facebook at school, college, or work because of a firewall? Worried about Internet hackers and snoopers trying to steal your private information?
Our free Facebook proxy service allows you to keep up to date with all your friends by bypassing annoying filters and unblocking Facebook for you. It also enhances your security and protects your private data from third parties as you surf Facebook anonymously. Our proxy will help you get where you want fast, privately, and anonymously, all without leaving a trace for your boss or parents to see. Simply type the URL you would like to go to in the textbox below and click Go. Our proxy allows you to access your favorite websites like Facebook and YouTube that are blocked at work or school while hiding your identity. If you are traveling, use our proxy to get past blocked web content and videos. Our proxy protects you from unknown third parties who try to steal your information, and prevents websites you visit targeting you with annoying advertisements and messages. Our proxy allows you to evade hackers attempting to steal your passwords, bank accounts and credit card details. You deserve to enjoy complete security while browsing Facebook and catching up with friends, even on public wifi connections. Our Facebook proxy allows you to hide your Internet history from your boss, parents, partner, or kids while protecting your identity online. Public networks can be especially insecure, which is why it is so important to encrypt you data. Hackers could potentially spy on your Internet activity and steal your Facebook password from your browser! Try our proxy now. Unblock Facebook and see what your friends are up to with this free Facebook proxy. Just enter the URL of the website you would like to go to in the text box below, and click Go. Hide your identity and location (IP Address) from hackers and snoopers online, conceal your Internet history, and encrypt your data. Beyond this Proxy, there are a few other ways to keep your privacy including Virtual Private Networks.
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