There are many of cloud based torrent application on which you can download torrent instantly (You can even use IDM with Seedr, just make sure IDM plugin is installed properly in your browser), while other cloud based torrent website have some limitation specially when we talked about private torrent trackers and freebies plan limit.

Here I am going to tell you one of the modern cloud based application for torrent download and that is seedr. is amazing cloud based application, that really suited for your all needs, also they are always introducing new technology future for torrent downloads, and that is why I called it Modern website for torrent downloads.

Future of Premium Seedr Account
Unlimited Monthly Traffic.
HD streaming support.
Torrent slots available on each premium plan.
Good Seed Ratio available on each premium plan.
Private Torrent Trackers Support.
Static IP for Private Torrent Tracker.
WebDAV Cloud drive to storage/backup files.

Future of Free Seedr Account
Storage: They provide 2 GB of Free data storage on the free plan, they have also nice offers to increase your storage buckets, like if you share their review on social media then you will get additional 500 MB free storage per share. So Just tweet on Twitter and Get 500 MB free, pin On Pinterest and Get 500 MB free and share one amazing video on YouTube and Get 1 GB free, so overall you will get 2 GB of free storage just by sharing. They have also a referral system to get 500 MB per user (limited to 8 referral only). So overall these storage limit is enough for some people. If your space is full, then you can delete other files to make it free space or you can go for premium plans, which gives you more future and facilities.

Live Streaming: I don’t believe they also offer live streaming on Freebies plan, which is simply amazing compare to others.

High Speed Bandwidth: Most of the torrent cloud gives you limited speed on freebies plan, but seedr give you the best high speed on a torrent download, which I really like it.


So overall seedr is pretty good on cloud torrent download, so don’t wait and sign up now.


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